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3 reasons marijuana reform matters to your community

1. Marijuana has huge health benefits

Marijuana has so many health benefits that they can no longer be overlooked. Marijuana effectively treats epilepsy in some patients by reducing seizures. The active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, helps control seizures by binding the cells of the brain that control excitability. This helps the brain relax and reduces the risk of having a seizure.

Another research study from the California Pacific Medical Center has claimed that cannabidol can actually help stop the spread of cancer. It helps turn off a gene called Id-1, which helps reduce the spread of cancer by lowering the expression of the gene. Some other studies have suggested that cannabidol could even kill cancer cells in certain patients.

These are just two potential uses for marijuana. It also helps as a relaxant and painkiller.

2. Legalization and reform help those incarcerated for drug crimes

Legalizing marijuana could help lower the number of people in prison. Drug crimes are serious, yes, but when a drug is legalized, the courts do recognize that people who have been put in prison for having those drugs deserve a second chance. This can help people placed into prison for possessing marijuana, since their crimes are no longer crimes by law. This gives people a chance to cut their sentences short, returning to their normal lives outside the prison walls.

3. Marijuana can be a source of income and taxes

In Colorado, the October 2014 report showed that the state had brought in over $40 million on taxes just from marijuana. Those taxes go back to the people through public programs and even as direct tax refunds. Colorado's economy has been boosted from the legalization effort, and it has one of the fastest growing economies. Interestingly, making the drug legal has shown, as of 2014, that it doesn't necessarily increase use in youth. There was a slight decline in youth use rates following the legalization of marijuana.

Marijuana may still be tied to several criminal actions, but legalizing it isn't all bad. Those who face charges for it now may not in the future, and it's some thing to keep an eye on.

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