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February 2017 Archives

The true cost of a parent's serious car accident

A car accident has many costs, and when it comes to a parent suffering an injury, it's not just the parent who suffers. If the parent is the sole provider, then the family has no income, so lost wages become a concern. If the parent was a stay-at-home mom or dad, then childcare may now become necessary and an added expense. Add to that the cost of medical debt and transportation to and from therapy and appointments, and you see why a car accident injury results in many different costs.

What are decision-making powers in child custody cases?

A child custody case involves having to think about a lot of different topics. One of the main considerations is who will make decisions for the child. This isn't always something that is easy to determine, but it is something that must be included in the child custody order.

Fight for your rights to parent your child

Family law issues are some of the most serious matters that people can face. When you child's life is put in the balance during a child custody case, you might not know how to handle the situation. In Louisiana, the courts only want to do what is in the best interests of the child. Still, there might be some instances in which another person's idea what is in your child's best interests and your idea of it differ.

The cost of having a loved one incarcerated is high

When you are facing criminal charges, one of the factors that might keep you working hard on a defense is thinking about what your family members will do if you are incarcerated. This is something that can be difficult to think about, but for the men and women who are in prison in Louisiana, it is a real concern.

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