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Fight for your rights to parent your child

Family law issues are some of the most serious matters that people can face. When you child's life is put in the balance during a child custody case, you might not know how to handle the situation. In Louisiana, the courts only want to do what is in the best interests of the child. Still, there might be some instances in which another person's idea what is in your child's best interests and your idea of it differ.

We are here to help you learn how laws and other factors might affect your case. As your child's father, you have specific rights and responsibilities. We want you to fully understand these so that you can assert your position as the child's father.

There are several different things to consider if you are in the midst of a child custody case. One of these is that your child still needs to spend time with you and with your ex. While it is understandable that you want to spend as much time as possible with your child, you might have to do a bit of negotiating to get to the agreement that is in your child's best interests.

Even if you already have a child custody plan made, you might find the need to change it. As your child gets older, the arrangements might not be suitable any longer. This is often the case if your child starts to participate more in extracurricular activities that mean he or she can't follow the visitation agreement any longer.

We understand that you might be apprehensive about having to deal with these matters. We will stand by your side as you fight for your right to parent your child.

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