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The true cost of a parent's serious car accident

A car accident has many costs, and when it comes to a parent suffering an injury, it's not just the parent who suffers. If the parent is the sole provider, then the family has no income, so lost wages become a concern. If the parent was a stay-at-home mom or dad, then childcare may now become necessary and an added expense. Add to that the cost of medical debt and transportation to and from therapy and appointments, and you see why a car accident injury results in many different costs.

Paying for accidents is a national concern.

Although it seems like only one person foots the bill for a serious injury, many people suffer losses. Employers lose productivity from the employee who can't work, and the employee loses his or her wages. If an individual ends up on disability through the Social Security Administration, that expense is paid through the government and taxes. Economically, a 2013 report stated that the average auto liability claim was $3,231 for property damage alone. For bodily injury, the claim jumped up to $15,443.

Private insurers typically pay for around 50 percent of all crash costs, while crash victims may pay up to 26 percent out of pocket. Uninvolved motorists also suffer losses as a result of delays, either by missing work, being late or through other impacts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that those who are not involved in the crashes actually pay for around 75 percent of the costs through the increase in insurance premiums, travel delays and taxes.

Parents' injuries affect families, friends and communities.

A parent's injury affects more than just him or her as an individual. The parent might not have the ability to watch his or her children, forcing him or her to opt for childcare services. He or she may not be able to continue volunteering at a school or providing services to the community, hurting his or her quality of life and reducing the ability of a volunteering service to run smoothly. Parents often transport children to school or activities, so without the ability to do so, a taxi or other service may cost the parent more money to utilize.

Crash types affect the expense, too.

Drunk-driving collisions specifically cost the economy more than $44 billion yearly, according to the NHTSA, while speed-related crashes cost the United States around $40.4 billion.

If your loved one has suffered an injury, it impacts all aspects of your life. You deserve fair compensation and the medical help needed to recover.

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