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How should I handle claims based on a tire blowout?

As you are driving down I-10, a vehicle near you has a blowout. Your car is struck by the debris or by the vehicle. Now, your car is damaged and you are injured. What do you do?

The answer to that question depends on the reason for the blowout. Determining the cause of the blowout can help you seek compensation to help you recover the money you have to spend to fix your car and get the medical care that you need.

What if the blowout was because the driver didn't care for the car properly?

If the blowout was a result of driver negligence, you can seek compensation from the driver. This is often easier to prove than a claim against the tire manufacturer or the tire installer. Of course, this can be challenging to prove if the vehicle owner actually did have the car serviced and maintained as suggested by the vehicle manufacturer.

What if the tire blowout was because of a defect?

If the blowout was the result of a tire defect or a faulty installation, you could file a claim against the tire manufacturer or installer. This might be a bit more difficult to prove than driver negligence. However, it is something to consider if you are injured and can prove that this was the cause of the crash.

It is often difficult to handle these types of auto accidents, but it certainly isn't impossible. Knowing how to investigate them and understanding Louisiana laws can help you to make well-informed decisions about how to move forward.

Source: FindLaw, "Who's Liable for a Tire Blowout Injury Accident?," George Khoury, Esq., accessed April 21, 2017

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