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Parole rescinded for convicted murderer after procedural error

People who are already involved in the criminal justice system know that somethings can change at the drop of a hat. Nothing is really certain until it actually happens. Recently, a convicted murder realized just how true this is.

The man was facing a 71-year sentence for murder. He recently came up before the parole board to determine if he could be released from prison. The parole board approved his parole and he was set to be released after serving around one-third of his sentence.

Unfortunately, the man had his parole rescinded by the parole board after it was determined that not everything was as in order as it seemed to be. The victim's mother wasn't at the parole hearing that the man had because she wasn't informed that there was a hearing.

An administrative error sent the woman's notification to Albany, New York instead of Albany, Illinois. This means that the man's parole hearing will have to be rescheduled to allow the victim's mother to attend and participate in the process. The mother thinks that it might have been an intentional act to keep her away since she has lived in Albany, Illinois, for decades.

While this might seem like something cruel to do to an inmate, it is a good lesson for anyone involved in the criminal justice system. Victims' rights advocates have worked tirelessly to ensure that victims and their representatives play a role in the process. When that isn't allowed to happen, the defendant or inmate might end up having to deal with curve balls in the criminal justice system.

Source: 97.3 The Dawg, "UPDATE: Can Louisiana’s Governor Stop A Murderer From Going Free?," Bernadette Lee, April 21, 2017

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