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What does it mean if I'm charged with rape?

Sexual crime charges are very personal matters for the victim and the defendant. If you are facing rape charges, you should understand the specifics of this criminal act.

When you are planning your defense, your goal is to poke holes in the prosecution's case. In some cases, you might be able to do this by showing that the points the prosecution is raising don't actually meet the criteria for the crime of rape.

Is penetration required for a rape charge?

In order for a sexual act to be considered rape, there has to be some penetration. This can be slight penetration, so it doesn't matter how deep. You could face a separate charge for each penetration that occurs, even if they all occur in one incident.

Does consent have a part in a rape charge?

The alleged victim mustn't consent to the sexual act in order for it to fall under the classification of rape. The exception to this is statutory rape. If an underage victim consents to a sexual act, you might still face rape charges because people under the age of consent can't provide you with legal permission for sexual acts.

Are there any defense options for a rape charge?

You do have options for a defense against a rape charge. You must consider the specific aspects of your case so that you can determine what possibilities exist in your case. You should determine what points in the prosecution's case you can call into question. Remember, the goal isn't to prove straight out innocence. Instead, you only need to make the jury doubt that you did what you are accused of.

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