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Fight against unfair penalties of criminal convictions

We recently discussed the problem of mass incarceration in Louisiana. This issue is one that has given Louisiana a notorious reputation. For the people who are facing criminal convictions, the risk of incarceration is considerable. Even though Gov. John Bel Edwards recently signed a package of deals, which we discussed in the previous blog post, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Reducing the incarceration rate in Louisiana

Governor John Bel Edwards recently signed some laws into effect to try to combat the high incarceration rate that plagues Louisiana. These 10 bills are being touted as being the bold, progressive strategy that will get Louisiana down from being the state with the highest incarceration rate in the country.

Considerations of liability in bounce house injuries

Having fun in an inflatable bounce house is something that many children enjoy. These large inflatable structures come in a host of themes and sizes. There are commercial ones that are set up at fairs and festivals, but there are also smaller ones that are set up at homes.

Know your options for cross-border custody battles

Lake Charles is right on the Louisiana-Texas border. This brings up a challenge for some people who are going through a child custody case. What will happen if your ex moves across the border or if you need to move across the border? Many people might assume that this is a no-brainer, but if you and your ex have a child custody agreement, this might not be so easy.

Grand juries and trial juries are both important

The criminal justice system is full of concepts that you should know if you are facing criminal charges. One of these is the jury. There are two types of juries that are involved in the criminal justice system -- trial juries and grand juries. Each of these has a very different purpose.

Your defense shouldn't be rushed so act quickly

The criminal justice system in Louisiana is something that does come with some harsh penalties. These penalties include being sentenced to hard labor. Stop and think about that for a few minutes. If you commit certain crimes, you might spend the next few years or longer trying to cope with having to do rigorous work as part of your punishment.

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