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Sword injury leads parents to file a lawsuit against Amazon

People turn to Amazon to find a host of things on a daily basis. The website is full of items for sale from Amazon, as well as those that are for sale from third-party sellers. When it comes to third-party sellers, either the seller can fulfill the order or Amazon can fulfill the order. This is important information to know as you learn about the case involving a head injury, two teenagers, parents and a sword.

One teen's parents have filed a lawsuit against another teen and the shopping giant, Amazon, because of a head injury their son suffered. The injury occurred as the teen who is the defendant in the case was filming the other teen doing tricks with a sword that was purchased from Amazon.

The parents allege that the other teen was encouraging the making of a video because of internet fame. The lawsuit alleges that Amazon is liable for the head injury their son suffered in the incident with the sword. They allege that there wasn't any warning on the sword that it should only be used as a decorative item.

This where things get a bit interesting. Amazon is listed on the lawsuit because the website processed the transaction, accepted the payment and boxed the sword up for shipment. When the company boxed the sword up, there wasn't a warning, so the lawsuit alleges that Amazon was negligent in this regard.

As you can see, there are often some very serious considerations that you have to think about when you are going to file a claim regarding an injury from a product. The aforementioned case is only one example of how much you might have to look into the chain of events to find all of the defendants you need to name.

Source: FindLaw, "Parents Sue Amazon and a Teenager for Sword Related Head Injury," George Khoury, Esq., July 27, 2017

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