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Grand juries and trial juries are both important

The criminal justice system is full of concepts that you should know if you are facing criminal charges. One of these is the jury. There are two types of juries that are involved in the criminal justice system -- trial juries and grand juries. Each of these has a very different purpose.

Your defense shouldn't be rushed so act quickly

The criminal justice system in Louisiana is something that does come with some harsh penalties. These penalties include being sentenced to hard labor. Stop and think about that for a few minutes. If you commit certain crimes, you might spend the next few years or longer trying to cope with having to do rigorous work as part of your punishment.

Parole rescinded for convicted murderer after procedural error

People who are already involved in the criminal justice system know that somethings can change at the drop of a hat. Nothing is really certain until it actually happens. Recently, a convicted murder realized just how true this is.

Know how the criminal charge type can affect you

When you find out that you are charged with a crime, you have to find out the classification of the charges. Typically, criminal charges fall under two categories -- felonies or misdemeanors. Of these two, felonies are the most serious. This doesn't mean that you can ignore misdemeanors. In cases involving each type of criminal charge, you can face penalties that go beyond the court-imposed penalties.

4 tips for fighting distracted driving charges

Distracted driving results in crashes that leave people injured and dead. No one believes that distracted driving is safe, and there are laws to prevent people from driving with distractions. If you were in a car accident, you know that if you're accused of distracted driving, you could be found at fault and face a criminal charge.

Know your rights and make a plan when you face criminal charges

Spring break is coming up soon. While Lake Charles might not be a place that is usually associated with spring break, some of the other cities in the heart of Cajun country are. We know that you likely have every intention to enjoy spring break without breaking any laws. If something happens and you do find yourself facing criminal charges, you should think fast to ensure that your rights aren't being violated.

The cost of having a loved one incarcerated is high

When you are facing criminal charges, one of the factors that might keep you working hard on a defense is thinking about what your family members will do if you are incarcerated. This is something that can be difficult to think about, but for the men and women who are in prison in Louisiana, it is a real concern.

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