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Determining the defendants in your case might be difficult

In our previous blog post, we discussed the case of the parents who are suing Amazon because of a sword that was sold on the website. If you recall, we noted that this case shows why it is important to evaluate the circumstances to ensure that you are naming the appropriate defendants in your claim.

Sword injury leads parents to file a lawsuit against Amazon

People turn to Amazon to find a host of things on a daily basis. The website is full of items for sale from Amazon, as well as those that are for sale from third-party sellers. When it comes to third-party sellers, either the seller can fulfill the order or Amazon can fulfill the order. This is important information to know as you learn about the case involving a head injury, two teenagers, parents and a sword.

The demand letter is important in personal injury cases

The process for seeking compensation after a car accident is one that isn't quick or simple. There are many things that have to be done, especially if you are going to take the case to trial. A trial isn't always required in these cases. It is often possible to work out a settlement; however, this will take some work.

Considerations of liability in bounce house injuries

Having fun in an inflatable bounce house is something that many children enjoy. These large inflatable structures come in a host of themes and sizes. There are commercial ones that are set up at fairs and festivals, but there are also smaller ones that are set up at homes.

The entire cost of an injury has to be included in your claim

Being involved in a car accident on the interstate is something that can lead to serious injuries. These injuries might impact your life in negative ways. Thinking about how the effects can impact your finances can be depressing, but it's important to understand nonetheless.

Alleged impaired driver kills tow truck driver on the interstate

Louisiana law demands that drivers pull over or slow down where emergency services vehicles are working. This includes tow truck drivers. As these drivers do their work, they need to know that other drivers aren't going to slam into them. A recent accident shows how important this is. A tow truck driver was killed on I-55 when a Nissan Rogue sideswiped a truck that was waiting a tow and the tow truck that had pulled in front of it to haul it away.

Pedestrian accidents have special considerations

Pedestrian accidents are often very serious accidents. It is easy to understand why because you have a very heavy vehicle with a metal frame coming against a person who is flesh, blood and bones. When one of these accidents occurs, it is imperative that the pedestrian understands his or her rights regarding compensation.

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